Steeping Guide

All flavors are made fresh to order to insure you get the most out of each bottle.  After mixing we place in a warmer and spin to help combine flavors before shipping.  Since steeping is done in cool dark places, with daily shaking, the shipping process actually aids in steeping.  It is advised to keep the bottle(s) away from sunlight as much as possible.  We know it's hard to wait for your bottles to fully steep, but keep in mind, they will get better and more complex with age.  

Age Steeping:

Bottle is shaken daily and stored in a cool dark place, like a cabinet.  Try to choose a place where the sunlight doesn't shine, basements are the best.  Make sure the child safety cap is always in place.  You will notice a change in color after a few days, though some flavors remain clear.  Most commonly an amber color will indicate steeping is nearly complete. 

Seed Steeping:

Don't throw away your last little bit of liquid, save it for the next bottle.  By adding the already steeped juice to a fresh bottle it will accelerate steeping without compromising flavor, then follow the age steeping.  The absolute best way to steep.

Heat steeping:

Bottle is placed in warm water not to exceed 115 degrees for up to 8 hours.  Remove and shake bottle for at least a  minute and return to warm water.  This process will take a week off of the steep time, but will compromise the flavor.  Some users report no change at all, others state it dulls the taste a bit.  Flavors from The Grove and The Corner Store are close to fully steeped when you receive them, heat steeping is not recommended. 
Flavor Steep Time
Apple Ying Yang 0-7 Days
Apricot Custard 0-14 Days
Bananas N Cream 5-14 Days
Bananas Foster 0-14 Days
Banana Pudding 0-14 Days
Big Bowl of Cereal 5-14 Days
Black Cherry Pudding 5-14 Days
Bluberry Blunt 7-21 Days
Blueberry Custard 5-14 Days
Bubble Gum 0-7 Days
Butterscotch Candy 0-7 Days
Butterscotch Pudding 0-14 Days
Chocolate Bliss 5-14 Days
French Custard 0-14 Days
Fuzzy Peach 3-14 Days
Green Tea Peppermint 0-14 Days
Haiiwian Cream Dream 3-14 Days
Honey Dew Ya 3-7 Days
Iced Gingerbread Cookie 0-14 Days
Key Lime Custard 0-14 Days
Lemon Italian Ice 0-7 Days
Mango Ice Cream 0-14 Days
Mind Blowing Melons 0-7 Days
Peachy Pear 0-7 Days
Pineapple Candy 0-10 Days   
Rainbow Custard 3-14 Days
Red Energy 0-7 Days
Red Licorice 3-7 Days
Right Out the Box 5-14 Days
Strawberry Custard 0-14 Days
Strawberry Gum 3-7 Days
Strawberry Licorice 3-7 Days
Sweet N Mild 14-21 Days
Sweet Peppermint Yum 3-14 Days
Sweetish Fish 3-7 Days
Vape Da Rainbow 5-10 Days
Very Vanilla Custard 0-14 Days
Watermelon Gum 3-7 Days
Watermelon Licorice 3-7 Days
Cool Mint 0-7 Days
Cinnamon Toast Vape 0-14 Days
Mint Chocolate Chip 5-14 Days
Root Beer Float 5-14 Days
Strawberries and Cream 5-14 Days
Blackberry Cheesecake 5-14 Days
Strawberry Cheesecake 5-14 Days
Vaper's Mark 5-14 Days
Grape Gum 0-7 Days
Chocolate Hazelnut  5-7 Days
Bananas Foster cappuccino 7-14 Days
French Vanilla Coffee 2-4 Weeks
Hazelnut Coffee 2-4 Weeks
Strawberry Licorice 3-7 Days
Strawberry Hard Candy 3-10 Days
Grape Licorice 3-10 Days
Cinnamon Apple 3-14 Days
Blue Raspberry Lemonade 3-14 Days
Key Lime Cheesecake 5-14 Days
Magically Vaplicious 3-14 Days
Blueberry Yogurt 3-14 Days
Dragon Fruit Pomegranate  3-7 Days
Peachy Strawberry 0-7 Days
Green Energy Drink 0-7 Days
Rockin Strawberry  0-7 Days
Watermelon Strawberry  0-7 Days
Strawberry Lemonade 3-10 Days
Breakfast in Bedrock 3-14 Days
Raspberry Glazed Donut 0-10 Days   
Strawberry Dragon 3-10 Days
Banana Strawberry Shake 3-14 Days