Purple Vape E Liquid

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Oh yea you're going to love this cool aid grape drink.  Sweet and refreshing just like it should be.  

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16 Reviews

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    Purple vape

    Posted by Owen on Apr 26th 2018

    Harsh on coil

  • 4
    purple vape

    Posted by Margaret Hobson on Oct 19th 2017

    like this one

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    let it steep

    Posted by Lord Derpy on Sep 6th 2017

    I ordered this once before and tried to hit it too much before it was fully steeped. I almost made the same mistake this time. Do yourself a favor, let it steep right. It quickly turns into a purple, vaporized orgy in your mouth. Buy it now, so you can enjoy it later.

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    No More Gunk

    Posted by Jarrett on Jul 3rd 2017

    I've always loved this juice and found the flavor to be quite intense, what would easily be an all day vape, however it used to gunk my coils like crazy, Im not sure if the recipe has changed at all but it definitely taste just as sweet and intense as before but I've gone through an entire 120ml bottle without a single coil caking up... through circumstance I started smoking again (left my kit in the car when heading out on vacation) but coming back to this juice has helped curb those cravings almost entirely.

    Would have given it 4 stars before, losing 1 just for the coil issue... but definitely a serious go to now. So happy i gave this juice a 2nd chance.

  • 5

    Posted by Zach Thompson on Jun 18th 2017

    This juice has a really strong, exceptional flavor and it leaves a great aftertaste in your mouth. Definitely going to be ordering more of this juice.

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    It's what you think

    Posted by Bob on Apr 17th 2017

    It's grape all day. A good flavor I would buy again.

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    not bold enough

    Posted by Tanya on Aug 24th 2016

    Bought this w/ honey dew ya to mix the two. A friend had the same combo and I tried his and loved it. But once I mixed my own, I had to use 5 parts grape for every 1 part honey dew. I wish this grape was as bold as the honey dew. Gonna try the Grape Gum to see if it's any better.

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    didnt care much for this one was ok in the beginning then lost flavor

    Posted by lori dancy on Jul 21st 2016

    was ok in the beginning then lost flavor

  • 4
    Great flavor

    Posted by Alan on May 18th 2016

    Every hit gives you a sweet grap flavor. If your a fan of grape I highly suggest it.

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