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Bedrock Shake E Liquid


Product Description

A true and tried flavor, revamped!

We started by taking our Breakfast in Bedrock and pairing it with a heavy cream, ice cream, a touch of whip, and a couple others flavors to bring a lovely cereal flavor to a new level. This blend bring a new smoothness to the classic cereal vapes makes such a flavor, that you'll find it a challenge to put it down.

Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing!

    Posted by DOUG on Jul 19th 2017

    So far one of my favorites! Flavor description can not be more on point! Great for an all day vape, fruity inhale smooth creamy exhale. Flawless juice

  2. Fruit Nation

    Posted by dudekbam@gmail.com on Jun 29th 2017

    I have been vaping this particular flavor for about 2 years and it has never grown old as well as never given me vapers tongue. (Flavors lose or change taste) nothing better than a blast of a fruity pebbles like Vapor.

  3. Never fails!

    Posted by Ryan on Apr 17th 2017

    This juice is the best!!!! It doesn't disappear after 1 day like the cereal does haha!

  4. Great flavor

    Posted by Tylor bouchard on Apr 14th 2017

    Great product nice taste easy to purchase

  5. No TEL no jumping thru LOOPS just awesome in a bottle

    Posted by Dr PennsylVapia on Apr 2nd 2017

    I have been searching for some substitutes for my all day vapes because the cereal juices I had to vape were expensive especially using the devices that burn thru juice these days. I did not however want to sacrifice flavor. BedRock Shake really surprised me by actually having a stronger core berry and citrus mix that all cereal vapes have. Well if they want me to buy them anyway as I know taste is very subjective. I avoid (try to) words and phrases like "the best" or "better" by inserting "for me" instead. SO .... since this juice has the exact style of core flavor I like (crave) it the most for me. The Shake part works well with the cereal core and although Grant's is my absolute favorite juice on the planet I have found my favorite cereal vape on the planet in BedRock Shake. I use in to drip and iun my skyhook and RDTA box as well as a cleito on a reuleaux DNA200. All of which vary in flavor but I like them all. My second favorite vanilla custard is hands down "very vanilla custard". That is a very hard place to reach on my favorite top list of anything especially Vanilla Custards as I have tried..by now...it has to be well over 400 by now. I have another strong contender in my top 10 list (my list has a number 1 spot a number two spot and all others in my list are close to equal on my likability scale) and that is the Version of Frankenberry here at That 1 Vape. Man did they nail this one on the head. So if you saw that flavor and were not sure if it would be good I can say that I love it and I think it is exactly what I remember the taste of Frankenberry cereal to be. I am going to try just the regular pebbles juice here and mix it with Grant's. I used to mix Grant's and Teleos the milk but it just does not give me the same flavor so something changed in teleos and I am not sure what it is because my Grant's is the same as it ever was. I am betting that breakfast in bedrock is going to take teleos place for my mix with Grant's. I have yet to try a juice here that has been anything but excellent as long as it is in my flavor profile. The entire custard line is amazing. I tried them all and love them! I bought 4 120ml bottles of BedRock Shake for $70...for that much Looper it would cost me $240 and for teleos "the milk" it would have cost me $336....and they both do not taste as good TO ME as BedRock Shake.

  6. Love it

    Posted by Jamie on Mar 16th 2017

    Great taste! Amazing product!!!

  7. Addictive Rich and not over-sweetened

    Posted by Dr PennsylVapia on Dec 28th 2016

    This is simply a great vape. The combo of these two flavors are perfect. I get a great pebbles flavor and the shake part makes it creamy and rich. I went thru a 60 ml bottle in three days and it was not the only juice I was vaping. I do switch mods/flavors often throughout the day but I did vape Bed. Shake more than the others over a three day period. So this time I ordered 240mls. I noticed that after steeping for only 3 weeks the juice was ready and I steep all of my custards and high VG juices at least 90 days and my Grant's I steep 4 to 5 months. I find I do not need to steep my Very Vanilla Custard juice (also from that 1 vape) as long as other juices which is great because I do not have to plan for 4 months of juice steeping which is a HUGE savings in time and money. I hate when people over do their reviews by saying you will not put this one down or say that this is the only juice I will ever buy again. I will say however that I am a very happy customer and as long as the quality and flavor remain for the three juices I stock up on here (I like 5 others in different flavor profiles here but I have thousands of mls of juice I need to vape or give away before I buy more of the same flavor profiles) then I will keep buying. I am going on three months with Very Vanilla Custard and I am very comfortable recommending it to anyone who has tried and loved Grant's.

  8. good flavor

    Posted by Dom on Oct 20th 2016

    Needs to be sweeter for me but I would order it again.

  9. Best cereal flavor out there

    Posted by Chris on Oct 17th 2016

    Best damn cereal flavor I have ever tried.

  10. Great for when i stopped smoking

    Posted by Ben on Sep 3rd 2016

    The flavor changed after i got completely off of cigarettes. Not my favorite now

  11. Favorite flavor

    Posted by Noah Miller on Aug 15th 2016

    Perfect fruity pebbles flavor, with a milky custard twist.

  12. Spot On

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 4th 2016

    I loved fruity pebbles when I was a kid and this tastes exactly like the milk.

  13. 10 stars

    Posted by yasbish on Jun 15th 2016

    The rating says it all! Best sauce makers EVER!

  14. Delicious

    Posted by Unknown on May 19th 2016

    Taste just like the cereal. Smooth and yummy! I used a subtank mini .5ohm coil

  15. love the flavor combo

    Posted by jeff on Apr 25th 2016

    Awesome blend of fruity pebble and milkshake ! Let it steep like the instructions indicate ! Tasted good right out the packaging though ! Great juice guys !!

  16. Oh my Oh my

    Posted by Jose on Apr 23rd 2016

    Cereal flavors are usually a hit or miss for me. When I buy cereal vapes, I normally am not too thrilled because they seldom taste like a cereal vape. Bedrock shake however is exactly what I've been looking for in a cereal vape. Super delicious and combined with the milkshake taste, makes for one heck of a cereal vape. This tastes exactly like the fruity pebble shakes in new York.

  17. Nicely Done

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 8th 2016

    Very good flavor. Taste like the milk from a bowl of cereal.

  18. Amazing straight out of the mailbox!

    Posted by Robert on Apr 4th 2016

    I filled up a tank of Bedrock Shake soon as it got to my mailbox. Flavor is amazing so smooth not too much citrus like most pebbles flavors. Taste great in a tank or Dripper.

  19. great product great service

    Posted by Austin on Mar 31st 2016

    Recently got my first ever order of that1vape, went with 240ml of bedrock. Flavor is top notch. Love the free samples and the cotton as well. Highly reccomended!!

  20. LOVE IT!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 30th 2016

    Was a little skeptical because normally I'm not too crazy about cereal vapes, but looking for something new, I read the reviews and decided to take a chance. All I can say now is Wow!!... Its so good, and the longer it steeps, the better it gets...

  21. awesome juice

    Posted by Shaun on Mar 28th 2016

    I absolutely love this juice and I'm not a big cereal juice fan but this bedrock shake is absolutely amazing I would definitely recommend it 100% satisfied with it!....

  22. best ever

    Posted by tim bays on Mar 26th 2016

    Great straight out of the box the flavors are combined perfectly this is the first cereal flavor that I've tryed that's not been to strong or lemon flavor the 80vg/20pg has clouds for days keep up the good work

  23. Freakin delicious

    Posted by Brad Lemons on Mar 23rd 2016

    Was unsure about this one right out of the package, but holy tits! 2 weeks of steeping and this is the creamiest cereal vape I've had that isn't over kill on the cream. Absolutely delicious! Will buy again and recommend for any cereal vaper.

  24. Best ever

    Posted by Angie K on Mar 12th 2016

    I've tried so many fruity pebbles flavors and this one is by far my favorite one. Really delicious.

  25. I Love It!!!

    Posted by Michael solimine on Mar 8th 2016

    I purchased a 120 ml 70/30 4mg. The shipping was fast and free. I got a free sample of Funny Bunny which is great too. If you like "The Milk" by teleos then you'll LOVE this. Overall experience with this company is a 10 out of 10.

  26. bedrock shake is one of my favorites

    Posted by chriswilli4ms on Feb 29th 2016

    If you like fruity pebbles or fruit loops, this juice pretty close to it with a small hint of cream it taste like my favorite breakfast cereal growing up as a kid. I've ordered 120ml of this juice with the last three of my orders !

    Atleast sample it, you probably won't regret it !


    Posted by Mike on Feb 24th 2016

    Bought this in 12ml the first time and this time I got it in the 120 ml. Let me tell you guys that 1 vape does it right and the price is right. Love fruity pebbles and I love this juice! Can't say enough about these guys. I don't waste my money on high priced premium juices. I buy my premium juices right here and save a fortune. Thanks Tim for making aich great products .

  28. On point

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 4th 2016

    Tastes exactly how you'd expect. Perfect flavor.

  29. Love this company

    Posted by Dustin Blades on Jan 30th 2016

    I love this company. They care about their customers and they care about prices. Their product is the best. Taste like fruity pebbles and it's awesome . Has a milk enhale fruity pebbles exhale. It's all that. I'm gonna order from this company exclusively from now on. Shipping was a bit slow but hey I got a 120 ml. I know to order before I run out. Prices are awesome and the cloud production is amazing. I'm 50 pg 50 vg at 6mg nicotine . I'm .3 sub ohm on an x cube 2 box mod at 60 watts and man I have no harsh hits. Love it.

  30. ѕσσ hαppч ríght αвσut nσw

    Posted by tσm on Jan 15th 2016

    í fєєl líkє í'm вuчíng juícє frσm α fríєnd thαt lσvєѕ mє lσl - ѕσ gσσd guчѕ -ѕσ much lσvє αnd pαѕѕíσn frσm чσu guчѕ thαnkѕ - juícє íѕ αlwαчѕ gσσd- dσn't hєѕítαtє whєn ѕσmєthíng íѕ σn thє *í ѕhσuld trч líѕt* thαnkѕ tím αnd tíff!

  31. ѕσσ hαppu ríght αвσut nσw

    Posted by tσm on Jan 15th 2016

    í fєєl líkє í'm вuчíng juícє frσm α fríєnd thαt lσvєѕ mє lσl - ѕσ gσσd guчѕ -ѕσ much lσvє αnd pαѕѕíσn frσm чσu guчѕ thαnkѕ - juícє íѕ αlwαчѕ gσσd- dσn't hєѕítαtє whєn ѕσmєthíng íѕ σn thє *í ѕhσuld trч líѕt* thαnkѕ tím αnd tíff!

  32. WOW!!!! This juice is amazing

    Posted by Juan on Dec 15th 2015

    As a first time buyer, I have always been skeptical about trying online for juice and this juice right here has me hooked from the start, so glad I tried it cause this juice tastes amazing, I can't put it down tastes just like it says with the creamy shake the fruitiness is perfect imo. Definitely an all day vape and you have a customer In me from here on out. Thank you for making such great juice , I look forward to trying many more.

  33. Beyond Delicious

    Posted by Paula on Dec 15th 2015

    I ordered this juice hoping that it would be a good replacement for a far more expensive juice that I loved. Not only did it accomplish that, but it surpassed the other. This juice is a new favorite and I will have to buy much bigger bottles in the future. The fruity cereal flavor is not over powering in lemon and it's backed up but some of the best creaminess I have ever found in an e-liquid. This is a flavor I will always need in my rotation.

  34. I need to give this a 15 out of 5...

    Posted by Scott on Dec 10th 2015

    This is one of the first flavors I tried from that1vape.com. Flavor is exactly as described, exactly like the real thing. I have made this a reorder and I am sure it will continue to be on my reorder list for good. This is the best overall flavor I have ever tried from any where. Its great out the bottle, but as others have described, the flavor cranks after ten days of steeping and continues to age and deepen nicely over time. A great all day vape. It even made me make the actual drink, which if youve never had you are missing out. This is great in my tank at 32.5 watts on a .5 ohm coil. Order it, you will love it. Thanks.

  35. I love this Vape ADV

    Posted by George T on Dec 8th 2015

    I've been ordering it every time I get a chance to. I bought 240ml my first time. I suggest steeping at least 10 days just to get the best flavor out of it. I love it right out of the bottle. It's great. It's creamy and delicious like the cereal blended into a milkshake.

  36. Excellent Juice!

    Posted by KH on Dec 5th 2015

    I ordered this in a 120ml based on the flavor profile. It is remarkably good - very balanced and has a nice milky flavor. I really enjoy this liquid and find myself refilling and refilling the tank - I will definitely be ordering more. Thank you!

  37. The milk is real

    Posted by Michael on Nov 30th 2015

    I have been looking for a milky vape and decided to try this extra creamy juice. I was amazed at how even unsteeped the juice had everything I was looking for. Fruity, sweet and wholesome.

  38. bedrock shake

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 19th 2015

    This is another flavor that is going to be one I try to keep on hand! I am a big fan of cereal flavors, and this definitely didn't disappoint ! Just like fruity pebbles with really creamy milk!

  39. Great Vape

    Posted by nick jones Germantown,MD on Nov 1st 2015

    It's a Great flavor but man takes almost a month to steep properly to bring out the flavor unless THAT 1 Vape can tell me a Faster way to steep there juice , love the affordable pricing and fast shipping , smooth flavor and one the best pebble ice cream flavors I've had. Will be ordering again bigger bottle next time !! 120 was not enough lol

  40. best pebbles flavor yet!

    Posted by kaelyn on Oct 29th 2015

    this flavor is amazing. it's spot on and I can only imagine how perfect it will be when it steeps a little. you guys are amazing!

  41. bedrock shake is awesome

    Posted by George on Oct 27th 2015

    Got it fast and let it steep for7 days and thats just the first bottle I have another 3 just steeping because the taste gets better and better. I am so happy with my order.

  42. Great Flavor

    Posted by ryan on Oct 22nd 2015

    Awsome pebbles cereal vape!

  43. All day amazing vape!

    Posted by Rob on Oct 17th 2015

    Always liked fruity pebbles but this one is by FAR the best one I have ever had! The flavor is dead on and bright not muted or watered down. I let it steep a few days but couldn't wait any longer! This is easily an all day vape, smooth pronounced flavor, does not leave you feeling "sticky" does not gunk up coils and I do not lose the flavor after chain vaping it for awhile. Very clean smooth perfect vape, do not hesitate or bother with the sample just order 120ml or above you will not be disappointed!!! Great job on this that1vape!!!

  44. Cereal Lovers!

    Posted by Anthony R. Galto on Oct 16th 2015

    I am an avid fruity pebble juice fan. Finding a perfect blend to a complicated type juice is finally over thanks to that one vape. Their "Bedrock" products are simply amazing. The Bedrock shake needs to be steeped as it grows better and better the longer it sits. It is your classic fruity pebbles flavor with an added note of some type of whipped cream. The color of the juice is a darker amber than most of all my other juices which tells me its very sweet. Even uncapping it and smelling it right out of the bottle, it is spot on.

    Now everyone's preference is different when it comes to juices but I have sampled this to many co workers, friends, and family and everyone who has tried it has enjoyed it. This juice is a must have for me. And i'm encouraging you to at least try this juice as a sample. You will not be disappointed.

  45. awesome flavor

    Posted by Dwayne on Sep 18th 2015

    This has got to be one of the best flavors I have tasted. It's great right out of the mail. I get too impatient to let anything steep. Lol. I have ordered multiple times and will continue to. Fast shipping, excellent customer service, and a great product.

  46. solid vape

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 16th 2015

    tastes great right out of the package, really good stuff

  47. best cereal vape out, hands down.

    Posted by mikey on Sep 15th 2015

    Best cereal vape I've tried. The cereal flavor itself is spot on and not too lemony lime most other brands. The exhale is a rich creamy ice cream flavor. Must order a bigger bottle!

  48. Delicious

    Posted by Wes on Sep 15th 2015

    One of my favorites from them - beats all the other cereal flavirs I've tried, hands down.

  49. my favorite juice

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 14th 2015

    This flavor is my shiz

  50. May need more steeping time

    Posted by Jeff on Sep 4th 2015

    I am getting a stronger citrus flavor from this juice than I did with a previous sample of breakfast in bedrock. I think the steeping time will bring out the shake flavor and hopefully tone down the citrus. Another great flavor from a great company.

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