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product review

Awesomeness in a bottle!!

Posted by Zannie on Jan 12th 2018

This has become my all day vape flavor. I've tried several others that I like a lot from T1V but I keep going back to this one as my regular.

peachy pear

Posted by kathy on Sep 5th 2018

Pear is the dominant flavor with the peach blended perfectly to bring out the best of both flavors. Very nicely done!!!!


Posted by Alan on Jan 4th 2018

The liquid it’s good but the bottle size they are running small a little bit from the last time that I order

Spot On.

Posted by Thomas on Apr 3rd 2016

Love this flavor. When I'm feeling like a fruity flavor this is my go to.

Great Combo

Posted by Andy on Mar 19th 2016

Such an incredible combination of flavors. I love the sweetness that it brings.

good juice.

Posted by JB on May 8th 2018

Next time I will go more than 8mg nic ans 70/30 blend.


Posted by PETER on Sep 28th 2018

This is the best E-Juice that anyone has ever made....ever! This is the only E-Juice I never get tired of.

Great taste!

Posted by Rebecca on Jan 24th 2018

I love it. Definitely buying this again.

steeping Guide

All flavors are made fresh to order to insure you get the most out of each bottle. After mixing we place in a warmer and spin to help combine flavors before shipping. Since steeping is done in cool dark places, with shaking daily, the shipping process actually aids in steeping. It is advised to keep the bottle(s) away from sunlight as much as possible. We provide 12 ml bottle(s) so you can store your large bottle(s) and maintain it's flavor and nicotine content. We know it's hard to wait for your bottles to fully steep, but keep in mind, they will get better and more complex with age.

Age Steeping

Bottle is shaken daily and stored in a cool dark place, like a cabinet. Try to choose a place where the sunlight doesn't shine, basements are the ...

Seed Steeping

Don't throw away your last little bit of liquid, save it for the next bottle. By adding the already steeped juice to a fresh bottle it will accelerate steeping ...

Heat steeping

Bottle is placed in warm water not to exceed 115 degrees for up to 8 hours. Remove and shake bottle for at least a minute and return to warm ...