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Very Vanilla Custard E Liquid


Product Description

A mix of a couple different vanillas, and our classic creamy custard, are what make this flavor not just vanilla custard, but very vanilla custard. Also a great liquid to mix with your fruit ones to create a unique juice of your own.

Product Reviews

  1. It's a bit too sweet.

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 21st 2017

    It's good for mixing to tone down other flavors, but this one is a bit much on its own.

  2. ...and again and again and again...

    Posted by Dr PennsylVapia on Oct 19th 2017

    Absolutely an amazing Vanilla Custard if you like VC's like Grant's. I have had hundreds of brands and this VC is amazing. PERIOD. I have been saying so for 2 years now and I will every time I order.

  3. Best custard ever

    Posted by Chris on Mar 7th 2017

    This is the BEST ive ever had! Amazing by itself, so smooth. Best part is you can add it to anything and turn a good juice into a creamy delicious one!

  4. No more UK Custards (kind of)

    Posted by Dr PennsylvaPia on Sep 23rd 2016

    I am without a doubt a true vanilla custard obsessed freak. I have tried (at last count a year ago and stopped counting) 380 different brands of VC and my favorite is Grant's. I know how hard it is to get and some people say it is all hype but the only opinion that matters is your own and my opinion has a flag planted at Grant's in the UK. There are many 2nd place and third place VC's on my list and from 4th place on there are too many to mention. OK who gives a shit right? Well I do and I wanted my review to have some validity behind it because I do not do reviews 10 minutes after I open my vapemail and take a few pulls off of a new juice and puke a stupid review on to the juice maker's site. I steep my VC's 30 days to 6 months. How anyone can vape a fresh VC and like it blows my mind because the steeped product tastes NOTHING like the unsteeped product. They are worlds apart and I think it is the reason for a lot of people not to like VC's because they were not steeped and taste terrible until they are. So I reached about 50 days on Very VC and gave it a few pulls and I have to say the past few days of my vaping this juice have been amazing. This is in the same wheelhouse as Grants as well as Quack's and Devilicious. Creamy, buttery and really smooth incredible vanilla all come together for a real VC lover's dream. I never run out of Grant's EVER but I do have to steep it for 4 or 5 months to get it the way I like it. This VC was ready to rock after only 50 days and it is damn close to Grants in flavor, body and smoothness. This to me is a MAJOR find. It is less money and it is in the USA plus the shorter steep time makes this VC a potential list topper. It has taken me 5 years to put together a list of VC's and to have analyzed each of them down to the exact flavor profile and character of each of my favorite brands and I am very picky about what goes on my list and while a few days is not nearly enough time to add this juice I think there is a very good shot that some day it will be. This is a Grand Slam and I have been vaping the hell out of it and loving every drop. It has been over a year since I added any VC to my list and I almost did not order this juice but I am Damn glad I did. Absolutely Awesome!

  5. Delicious!!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 16th 2016

    One of the best vanilla flavors I have tried! Doesn't taste artifical whatsoever!

  6. Excellent

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 24th 2016

    Great flavor and very smooth vape. I will be buying more. The flavor gets better as it steeps and turns to a richer and more of a caramel color. The best thing is that you can mix a juice that has too much of a strong vape into something a lot more smooth and flavorful vape. I give this a thumbs up!! Great job !!

  7. Dark

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 18th 2016

    I was pleased with this flavor, but it was a little dark by the time I finished it whereas other flavors tend to stay clear throughout their entirety of my having them. Overall, good product.

  8. My all time favorite.

    Posted by JAMES on Apr 16th 2016

    I love this juice. It's the one that keeps me on point. All of the juices at that1vape are amazing. Very Vanilla Custard is smooth on inhale and exhale. The vanilla is not overwhelming and the custard isn't too thick. Custard fans know what I mean. 80/20 on 6 wrap 24g Kanthal at 50watts. Suits this juice just perfectly.

  9. Very Vanilla Custard the one for me

    Posted by Midnight_Runner on Mar 19th 2016

    It is a great tasting vanilla with a hint of caramel flavor (at least that's what I taste) it is smooth and great for transitioning from tobacco because it gives the illusion of that same feeling in your mouth as a cigg would give the caramelized feeling I guess is a good way to describe it. All in all my favorite flavor I have found on this site.

  10. Great flavor, great price

    Posted by Dave on Mar 14th 2016

    I'm glad a friend turned me into that1vape. Best flavor I have ever had and can't beat the price.

  11. Tasty & Smooth

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 29th 2016

    I enjoy the Very Vanilla flavor very much.

  12. Very (good) Vanilla Custard

    Posted by TerrapinBrad on Jan 13th 2016

    I've always been an appreciator of a good custard, but it always turned out that the ones I liked were ridiculously expensive; making me shy away from buying them often. However, upon my discovery of THIS 'Very Vanilla Custard', I finally found affordable and excellent sauce don't always have to be mentioned separately. I find it to be rich in flavor and a very smooth vape. I start vaping on it, and I just don't want to stop! Also, you cannot go wrong at these prices! You should buy this sauce! :D

  13. my favorite all day vape

    Posted by sheryl on Jan 5th 2016

    So creamy and delicious..this is my all day vape..its so delicious

  14. OMG if you like custard you have to try very vanilla custard

    Posted by Robertino Ibanez on Jan 2nd 2016

    I have tried every vanilla custard i could lay my hands on.They were for the most part just off tasting and these were from major e-juice makers they just didn't taste right to me.Then i found very vanilla custard from thar 1 vape.Damn now that is a real custard vape the best i have tried. This is so good i can't put it down.I will only be buying my new favorite e-juice from that 1 vape from now on. I think i will try some other flavors if they are as good as very vanilla custard you guys will be getting an order every month from me.
    So if you want to try a real custard flavor give this a try. I'm sure you'll be hooked on this great juice just like me.

  15. sweet, hint of vanilla

    Posted by Brett Davenport on Nov 14th 2015

    This vapor was purchased at 15 mg nicotine and 50/50 pg/vg. I have bought many different kinds of higher and lower quality juices before from a variety of places. I was stuck on vapor girls vanilla custard for the longest time, until I was recommended to that one vape store. That one vapes brand of very vanilla custard blows vapor girls product out of the water! Awesome taste and texture with just the right amount smoke (which may also be customized) I am very pleased by this product and the quality of this juice I will recommend it to everyone that asks!

  16. really good

    Posted by gerald watkins on Oct 30th 2015

    This is one of my favs from here. Such a good vape.

  17. New ADV

    Posted by Howie on Sep 14th 2015

    Found this company through a sale and have ordered a few times since. After vaping the Very Vanilla Custard the first time I knew it was awesome. I have since ordered every time with a 240 ml on my last order. This is an amazing vanilla custard that tastes great everytime. I use a sub-tank and will continue to buy. Great job!

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