Bedrock Shake E Liquid

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A true and tried flavor, revamped!

We started by taking our Breakfast in Bedrock and pairing it with a heavy cream, ice cream, a touch of whip, and a couple others flavors to bring a lovely cereal flavor to a new level. This blend bring a new smoothness to the classic cereal vapes makes such a flavor, that you'll find it a challenge to put it down.

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58 Reviews

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    No TEL no jumping thru LOOPS just awesome in a bottle

    Posted by Dr PennsylVapia on Apr 2nd 2017

    I have been searching for some substitutes for my all day vapes because the cereal juices I had to vape were expensive especially using the devices that burn thru juice these days. I did not however want to sacrifice flavor. BedRock Shake really surprised me by actually having a stronger core berry and citrus mix that all cereal vapes have. Well if they want me to buy them anyway as I know taste is very subjective. I avoid (try to) words and phrases like "the best" or "better" by inserting "for me" instead. SO .... since this juice has the exact style of core flavor I like (crave) it the most for me. The Shake part works well with the cereal core and although Grant's is my absolute favorite juice on the planet I have found my favorite cereal vape on the planet in BedRock Shake. I use in to drip and iun my skyhook and RDTA box as well as a cleito on a reuleaux DNA200. All of which vary in flavor but I like them all. My second favorite vanilla custard is hands down "very vanilla custard". That is a very hard place to reach on my favorite top list of anything especially Vanilla Custards as I have has to be well over 400 by now. I have another strong contender in my top 10 list (my list has a number 1 spot a number two spot and all others in my list are close to equal on my likability scale) and that is the Version of Frankenberry here at That 1 Vape. Man did they nail this one on the head. So if you saw that flavor and were not sure if it would be good I can say that I love it and I think it is exactly what I remember the taste of Frankenberry cereal to be. I am going to try just the regular pebbles juice here and mix it with Grant's. I used to mix Grant's and Teleos the milk but it just does not give me the same flavor so something changed in teleos and I am not sure what it is because my Grant's is the same as it ever was. I am betting that breakfast in bedrock is going to take teleos place for my mix with Grant's. I have yet to try a juice here that has been anything but excellent as long as it is in my flavor profile. The entire custard line is amazing. I tried them all and love them! I bought 4 120ml bottles of BedRock Shake for $70...for that much Looper it would cost me $240 and for teleos "the milk" it would have cost me $336....and they both do not taste as good TO ME as BedRock Shake.

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    Love it

    Posted by Jamie on Mar 16th 2017

    Great taste! Amazing product!!!

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    Addictive Rich and not over-sweetened

    Posted by Dr PennsylVapia on Dec 28th 2016

    This is simply a great vape. The combo of these two flavors are perfect. I get a great pebbles flavor and the shake part makes it creamy and rich. I went thru a 60 ml bottle in three days and it was not the only juice I was vaping. I do switch mods/flavors often throughout the day but I did vape Bed. Shake more than the others over a three day period. So this time I ordered 240mls. I noticed that after steeping for only 3 weeks the juice was ready and I steep all of my custards and high VG juices at least 90 days and my Grant's I steep 4 to 5 months. I find I do not need to steep my Very Vanilla Custard juice (also from that 1 vape) as long as other juices which is great because I do not have to plan for 4 months of juice steeping which is a HUGE savings in time and money. I hate when people over do their reviews by saying you will not put this one down or say that this is the only juice I will ever buy again. I will say however that I am a very happy customer and as long as the quality and flavor remain for the three juices I stock up on here (I like 5 others in different flavor profiles here but I have thousands of mls of juice I need to vape or give away before I buy more of the same flavor profiles) then I will keep buying. I am going on three months with Very Vanilla Custard and I am very comfortable recommending it to anyone who has tried and loved Grant's.

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    good flavor

    Posted by Dom on Oct 20th 2016

    Needs to be sweeter for me but I would order it again.

  • 5
    Best cereal flavor out there

    Posted by Chris on Oct 17th 2016

    Best damn cereal flavor I have ever tried.

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    Great for when i stopped smoking

    Posted by Ben on Sep 3rd 2016

    The flavor changed after i got completely off of cigarettes. Not my favorite now

  • 5
    Favorite flavor

    Posted by Noah Miller on Aug 15th 2016

    Perfect fruity pebbles flavor, with a milky custard twist.

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    Spot On

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 4th 2016

    I loved fruity pebbles when I was a kid and this tastes exactly like the milk.

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    10 stars

    Posted by yasbish on Jun 15th 2016

    The rating says it all! Best sauce makers EVER!

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