Apricot Custard E Liquid

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You won't find a custard flavor like this anywhere else. 

A gorgeous blend, bringing together the sweet tartness of an apricot with the sweet creaminess of a classic custard. 



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37 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by G.J. on Dec 3rd 2019

    Ultra creamy whipped custard, probably one of the very best custard textures & flavors I've tried in 3 years of vaping. Those apricots sure pack a punch, too. Super realistic tartness/brightness. Re-upping on this one!

    PS: This juice uses little to no sweeteners, so it's not going to taste like commercial juice. You'll have to add it, if that's your jam.

  • 5

    Posted by Roberto on Oct 22nd 2019

    Very good creamy apricot flavor !

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    Apricot and cream

    Posted by Katy on Sep 11th 2019

    Amazing juice! My fiancé’s favorite!

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    Apricot Custard, 3mg

    Posted by Tom T on Aug 17th 2019

    Just the perfect amount of apricot to not overpower the custard, it’s become one of favorites before the first bottle is empty, I’ll get more.

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    Vape review

    Posted by Scott on Aug 12th 2019

    Not as tart as I expected, maybe I need to let it steep more? Rich and full-bodied. I'll try again when it's steeped a while, shrug.

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    Apricot custard

    Posted by Jeremy Provost on Aug 4th 2019

    Bought the apricot custard, not for me. Not gonna bash the company just because I tried 1 juice that I didnt like, in fact i will most likely purchase different flavors to try

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    ADV for me, best flavor on the site

    Posted by Patrick R on Jun 16th 2019

    I've tried many flavors from T1V & this is my favorite by far. Such a genuine, creamy apricot flavor that never gets old. I do recommend steeping for at LEAST 4 weeks, preferably 8 weeks if you can. The color becomes a rich, deep amber & the flavor improves exponentially. This flavor will always be on my shelf. If you enjoy fruity flavors or custard, you're missing out if you don't try this!

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    Posted by GM on Mar 2nd 2019

    Good fresh gets better with steep

  • 5
    Good stuff.

    Posted by Juicy Johnson on Feb 22nd 2019

    I let this bottle sit (in the dark) for about 6 months before trying it. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long, because this stuff is fantastic.

    The apricot tastes great, it's super realistic and fresh. You get the bright fruity tartness that zings across your palate, it almost tastes pulpy somehow. Wow! It's backed by a thick, creamy custard. The custard isn't eggy or oily, it's not super sweet and is just perfect with all that fresh apricot. There is a big twangy tart finish with this juice, it's quite pleasant and intense.

    I couldn't do this as an ADV, because it's a little fatiguing/samey after a few tankfuls. That being said, I wanted more the next day & ended up filling another tankful. This is definitely going in my rotation.

    While I haven't spent a huge amount of time using this, I'm imagining that it won't be a coil destroyer, as it's not super-sweet like most commercial juices these days. That being said, the flavor is quite present, & there is no mistaking that this is an apricot custard.
    I'd rate the flavor strength at 9/10 intensity.

    I am a super picky vaper, and end up shelving or trashing 80% of the bottles I purchase. I am really happy with this custard & would definitely buy it again. If this flavor profile sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate on giving it a shot.

    Equipment used: Hotcig Centaur RTA - stock coil (26x3/38 ni80, 3.0 mm ID / 5 wraps), 0.19 ohm @ 44 watts.

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